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Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D Review

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I attended a fan screening of Katy Perry's Part of Me today, so I decided to do a little review:

*****Spoiler Alert*****

The film starts out with clips of Katy's fans from, I assume, YouTube saying what Katy has done for them and what she means to them. They end this sequence with a webcam video of Katy at the age of 19 saying who she hoped she would be. I felt like this was such a great start. Katy knew who she wanted to be even at the age of 19 and here she is 9 years later living her dream. The next few scenes show Katy in a dress rehearsal for her show. You get introduced to the amazing costumes that were made just for her. They cut to her in a peppermint dress getting lifted onto the stage. Her smile is bright and the minute she started to sing, I immediately regretted not going to her tour. Katy sings live and her voice is phenomenal.

As the film goes on, you become more introduced to the tour and everyone who makes it possible. There are some great story lines on how when Katy rose to fame, she plucked "nobodies" out of the fashion and make up industry to rise with her. She believes in those around her and wants them to be just as successful as she is. The film then breaks down the story of her growing up. Her childhood is interesting and while she jokes about how strange it was, you can tell she doesn't regret a second of it. It's made her who she is. Her family comments on her life and what she's always wanted. There's also a sweet scene with her grandmother who happens to be the most adorable grandma in the entire world.

When you talk about Katy's family, her ex-husband Russell happens to come to mind. Katy didn't hide her relationship or break up in this film. She was so in love with him and thought he was her forever. She would travel to LA or NY every 2 weeks while in Europe just to see him and eventually it took a serious toll on her. Katy was exhausted and it was heartbreaking when you saw her start to break. She is so strong and even in moments of exhaustion and depression she pulls herself together and gets to work. There's a scene where she's bawling minutes before she goes on stage, but she's a fighter and she put on an amazing show despite how she felt. Katy really did all she could to make it work and unfortunately it just didn't.

Another great part of the film is how Katy got started in the music industry. Her sister makes a great point that everyone thinks Katy rose to fame over night and that is just not true. She worked very hard and had to face rejection over and over. Even when she thought she was finally headed in the right direction, the record company tried to change her. I'm glad that Capitol Records got ahold of her and let her be who she is.

I would recommend this to everyone. If you love Katy, you will love her even more. If you don't like Katy or don't understand her, you will learn to love her. Everyone knows Katy as someone who stands out in a crowd. She's different and while others say she's weird, she's unique. Her fashion sense isn't the only thing that makes her unique. As you watch the movie, you fall head over heels in love with this quirky popstar who loves to laugh and to make others laugh even more. Everything she does is for her fans and for others. She doesn't hide anything in this film. You will see her without make up, bawling, her hair a mess, acne on her face and she couldn't be more beautiful. Her beauty from within just shines. She's an amazing person and she deserves all the happiness in the world. I was a fan of Katy before this movie, but I wasn't a huge fan. I am happy to say the movie completely changed that for me. 

The film closes just the way it started and I feel like it's the perfect line to end this post. A fan in one of the videos had a great line:

"Be yourself. You can't be someone else because they are all taken."

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