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Duckling to Swan: A Fan Guide For Re-creating Bella Swan's Room

I have been absolutely obsessed with Bella's room since the moment I saw it. I love the simplicity and how all of the different colors just seem to work. I wanted to re-create Bella's look for my room because it's the best way to show your love for Twilight without being obvious. I'm making this blog post to show everyone how I re-created Bella's room. I wish I would have had a guide when I started on my room, but after hours on internet research, I can now provide other fans with one.

Bella's room is not hard to re-create at all, you just have to be creative.

There are several rules:

Rule 1: Do not look for exact matches. Most of the things in Bella's room are discontinued and after speaking with several companies, they will remain discontinued.

Rule 2: Ebay is your friend. Embrace the Ebay.

Rule 3: Add your own little touch here or there. Just because it's a remake doesn't mean you can't make it yours.

Rule 4: Paint can be a pain. You can look at 50 different pictures of Bella's room and each one will be a different shade of green. Sometimes it's olive green, sometimes it's turquoise, sometimes it's light green. Go with the color you love.

Rule 5: Realize the size of your room. Most likely, you won't have a room the same size/shape of Bella's so do what works for your room.

Rule 6: Spray Paint does wonders ;)

Rule 6: Have some frames of reference. Trying to see what Bella's room looks like by watching the movies doesn't work. Why? are you supposed to look at a room when Rob & Kristen are on the screen? Here are the pics I used:

First I want to show you what my room looked like before. I already had Bella's bedding, but I wasn't using it anymore and had a bright colored bedspread. I opted to buy a new set of Bella's bedding as my other was a couple years old. I also had Bella's lamp from Ikea already (I'll provide a link a little further down). My room was plain and...honestly just boring lol

I know what you're white walls AND white curtains? oh yeah I like to keep things interesting ;) Also, as you can see I hadn't finished getting frames and such up and bedskirt? yeah lost that. 

Step 1 - Clear our your room

This is an excellent idea because if you have carpet like me, it's gonna have to go ;) Also it's the perfect opportunity to deep clean your room. After completely emptying it, I went around and washed down the walls, doors, and baseboards. Something about painting over possibly dirty walls just doesn't sit right with me. With my dad's help, I ripped up the carpet and removed all staples and nails that needed to go for the wood flooring later.

Step 2 - Time for paint

After getting my room ready, I headed out to look for paint. Like I said before, paint is a serious pain and honestly you can look at every brand in every store and you still will probably not find the exact one. However, I think the one I ended up going with is pretty damn close. 

I chose 'Apple Orchard' from the Color Place brand at Walmart. Yes, I know *GASP* WALMART?! Hell. yes. Another thing I learned while looking for paint is you will most likely buy an expensive brand in the wrong color, paint your room, and realize it's crap. 

Here's my room, all nice and painted:

This color is SO nice...

However, if you just can't bring yourself to buy the cheap stuff from Walmart, I think "Geranium Leaf" by Behr is a close match as well. 

Step 3 - New Floors!

Now, I realize not everyone can change their flooring and that's totally fine. Remember, it's YOUR room. I decided to go with wood flooring because my carpet is 9 year old and it kinda creeps me out. We never really see Bella's floors in the movie...I assume they're wood?

Anyway, dark floors look AWESOME with light colored walls. 

Btw...see what I mean about these damn green walls? They look a different color then the first one I posted *sigh*

Step 3 - Shop!

I searched for hours online to find the exact items or replicas online. Here's what I found (w/ links to yay!):

Bella's Bed

Bella's Dresser Top

I was unable to find exact matches for every single thing on this desk, however this is where you can add a touch of your personality to the room. Purple frames, small mirrors, and that photo holder can be found anywhere. 

I found a small, similar mirror at Hobby Lobby in Black and had my dad spray paint it white. I also already had a photo holder similar to hers.

I was able to find one exact piece....

By Bella's Bed

Shelf - I bought a board at Home Depot for $3.00 and my dad made it into a shelf that was similar to Bella's. As for the things on top of Bella's shelf, that's all up to your and your creativity.

 I chose a tea light candle holder, a london bus, a mini Eiffel tower, a leaf from Vancouver and a picture of Rob and I.

Bella's Desk Area

Bella's Window

Bamboo Rings Window Drape - According to who you ask, Bella's bamboo rings window drape is from IKEA or Pier One. However, it is discontinued at both companies. I relied heavily on ebay for this one and after searching for days and typing in all kinds of stuff, I was able to score one. My advice is to just keep checking everyday. Not sure if mine is exact or similar...but then again neither is anyone else :P

Bella also has white sheer curtains and solid light blue ones. You can find these at any store and it really just comes down to preference. I found mine at Target. 

Bella's Nightstand

Surprisingly you can find Bella's nightstand at Walmart's website. I decided to keep the night stand I already have, but here's the one she has:

Bella's Mirror

The actual mirror used in Bella's room is no longer available. However, check furniture stores, thrift stores, ebay, etc to try and find one similar. I'd even check craigslist! Also, If you have a crafty person in your family, you can even make it yourself. 

I was able to find a similar mirror in Hobby Lobby for $150 and my dad made the design for the top and spray painted it ivory. 

The Finished Product

*All images from the film belong to Summit Entertainment*


Sarah said...

Wow! You did an amazing job! *Jealous* ;)

Anonymous said...

wow! i love it! can you help me to find the bamboo curtain?? or can you tell me how to google it? my email is thank you so much!

Alma said...

This is too awesome. Love it, Great job <3

Anonymous said...

You really outdid yourself. It came out awesome. If I had my own room (I'm married)I would follow all these easy steps and recreate it myself as well. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how did you get that signed wedding invitation

Sonia said...

i love your room its amazing im so jelouse (: haha can you please help me find the bamboo ring window drape?? or give me the website you bought it at?
my email is
thanks so much

Sonia said...

sorry i ment lol sorry

T said...

@Sonya and Anonymous, the bamboo curtain is actually discontinued at Pier 1 Imports and Ikea. My best advice is to type things like "Bamboo curtain" or "Bamboo rings" in the search bar on Ebay. I had to keep checking for about a week, but eventually something popped up.

@Anonymous, I got the wedding invitation from Hot Topic. Rob and Kristen signed it for me at the Breaking Dawn premiere. I got the frame from Target and printed out one of the wedding photos online.

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy, and I've been trying to recreate Bella's room for myself for quite some time. Thank you for posting this. Very thorough and informative!

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks exactly the same. you realy did a great job. oh, and about the walls maybe it is just the camera!!?? thanks for posting this btw

Anonymous said...

hey........... you did a great job. i have a problem though. i've been looking for the bamboo window drape rings for weeks now but i don't seem to find them. i was wondering if you have any advise on what to do or an email for me to contact you and get some help. thanks alot.

T said...

The bamboo window drape is discontinued so all you can do is keep searching for it on EBay.

Jess said...

This really is the best tutorial i've found on the internet! Wow! I already painted my walls a shade of green, but i also had the on-every-picture-the-wall-is-a-different-shade-of-green problem. I even repainted it in a lighter shade. I'm lucky my furniture were all made out of light wood, so, yay! Now i want to try and go into details and change that as well. Thanks for the inspiration, your room turned out quite amazing!

Me said...

This looks really good! It's great that you've shared this info with everyone. If I could make a suggestion, I would add more photos, pinboards. It just looks a little bit bare. Aside from that.. wow :)

Daniella said...

I love this! You did an amazing job. Definitely helps inspire the forthcoming re-decoration of my room!

P.S. Did you actually meet Rob? Or is the picture photoshopped or something?

T said...

@Daniella Yes, that is a real picture of Rob and I. I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting him several times!

Daniella said...

That is so awesome!!! Consider yourself lucky! He is wonderful! May I ask why or is that creepy? :P

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I think I'm in love with youuuuu ;) <3 <3 <3 I'm going to try to get my mom to let me do this as an xmas present or something! You are so amazing! <3

I said...

Hey! Well done with the room! Looking fab!!!! Just wondering, how did you get the lights to stick to the wall?!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really good! I have looked everywhere for the mirror and just can't find it :( Could you tell me where I could find a template to make the top like your dad did? Thanks!

Chrystaleigh said...

Hi! I'm currently in the process of doing my room like Bella's for my birthday and thank you so much for this! We were looking at a bunch of paint samples from Lowe's but it was so frustrating and then I found this! The Apple Orchard color is perfect! It looks amazing on my walls but different from your picks of course. I'm wondering where you got the framed cross stitch lion like Bella's? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

how old are you? You said you travel a lot? well, that's nice...

Anonymous said...

I have everything except the white bedside lamp. Great job

Anonymous said...

Today would be Bella's birthday for any real Twi-hards out there! Because there wedding was on august 13th exactly a month before her birthday.

Anonymous said...

JK it's September 13th!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I dont think it looks much like her room really. I mean the lighting is completely off, and besides the bedspread and curtains (which don't match either) there nothing alike. Sorry but its true.

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! I'm slightly jealous...ok I'm really jealous love how awesome this is ;) your amazing

Lor said...

Just came across this now - you did such an amazing job!! Absolutely love it! :)

-Lor @

Unknown said...

Just found this, also! I wonder, seeing as though this is a pretty old post and twilight is getting older... is your room still all done up like this? Would be hella awesome if it still was!

iqbalkhan said...

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Bella said...

OMG!! This looks amazing! My room is really small, do you think it will still work?

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